Soltec continues its international expansion

Europe's leader in solar tracker manufacturing opens its second subsidiary in the Asia-Pacific region with a new office in Sydney

Soltec, leading solar tracking manufacturer and supplier for utility-scale projects, is expanding with an office in Sydney to cover the Australian solar market. The new branch will manage all the company’s activities in the country, as it has done in other countries over the company’s 14 years of history as specialists in PV tracking.

Soltec thereby continues to follow its plan to invest in growing solar markets following the success achieved in the Americas, with over 2 GW of solar trackers both supplied and in the pipeline. It is in one of those countries, Brazil, where Anatel, the National Telecommunications Agency, has awarded its certification seal to the electronic system that controls Soltec’s single-axis solar trackers.

This seal guarantees Soltec’s clients in Brazil that the installation and use of its solar trackers with a radio communication system adhere to current regulations as regards safety and regulated technical functionalities. These certifications extend to both the products manufactured within the country and those imported, thereby guaranteeing compatibility with local equipment.

According to the head of R&D at Soltec, José Alfonso Teruel, “the wireless communication network developed by our team enables a real time exchange of information between each solar tracker and the central control, reducing the time and cost of the installation and facilitating maintenance operations.

Australia is a pioneer in renewable energy. Our SF7 solar tracker is receiving an excellent response. Its improved adaptation to the terrain offers a competitive advantage because it means that it can be installed in places that are unsuitable for other trackers,” commented Javier Vidal, head of business development at Soltec for Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Soltec currently has installations and personnel working in every region in which it is undertaking project in order to ensure their successful outcomes while remaining committed to improving local economies. This new office, registered as Soltec Australia Pty Ltd with the Australian Investment Securities Commission, joins the other subsidiary owned by the company in the APAC region, located in New Delhi, India.

The SF7 tracker guarantees a more profitable installation as it is the solar tracker with the fewest piles-per-MW. Moreover, Soltec is strategically placed for utility-scale projects thanks to its annual manufacturing capacity of 2.5 GW,” asserted the company’s CEO, Raúl Morales.

Soltec’s global operations and a workforce of over 500 people combine experience and innovation. With manufacturing centres in Brazil, China and Spain, Soltec also has offices in Denmark, Chile, the US, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico and Peru.

Firmly committed to renewable energies and to the environment, Soltec supports product standardisation and the success of its clients.