Soltec donates solar to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

The European leader in solar trackers joins SEIA and the Clinton Foundation to bring solar energy to Puerto Ricans in need

Soltec, a leading manufacturer and supplier of single-axis solar trackers and related services, will donate solar modules to power a medical clinic and a housing shelter in Puerto Rico. The contribution will provide the core of two off-grid solar systems, with the hospital at 18 kW and the shelter at 4 kW, to be installed across the island. As an active member of SEIA, Soltec’s charitable efforts in Puerto Rico supports the Solar Saves Lives campaign with The Clinton Foundation.

Hurricane Maria knocked out 80 percent of Puerto Rico’s power transmission lines. Four months after Maria, most of the island is still without power and more than 50 percent without access to clean drinking water. Without critical infrastructure needs unmet, hospitals and shelters are powered by generators with limited fuel access, leading to life-threatening emergencies.

Soltec is humbled to join the industry-wide relief effort currently underway to help restore Puerto Rico’s electricity with solar energy,” says Soltec CEO Raúl Morales. “In joining the Solar Saves Lives campaign and supplying solar to the MCH Maricao medical clinic and shelter for abused children, we are providing critical services to people in need of assistance. The solar equipment donated through our effort will aide recovery efforts, providing power for people in remote areas.

The team is working hand-in-hand with De La Mesa a la Calle, a local non-profit food bank, to identify the shelters with the greatest need. Dispersed geographically to reach as many people as possible, these shelters will provide housing, water and food supplies to dislocated Puerto Ricans.

Paving the way to Puerto Rico’s solar future, this relief effort will also train residents how to install the solar and storage systems, bringing valuable skills to help this devastated region rebuild its infrastructure.

Source: Soltec