Soltec: innovating in bifacial technology since 2015

Soltec firma con Elecnor un contrato de suministro de seguidores solares en Brasil

Soltec, leading company dedicated to the manufacture and installation of complete solar tracking units, enjoys a track record of over 7.1 GW in solar trackers installed to date. Soltec is currently the world’s third solar tracker manufacturer, according to information providers Wood Mackenzie and IHS Markit in the Global Solar PV Tracker 2020 report on the installation of solar trackers in PV plants – a position that Soltec has moreover held throughout 2019. In countries such as Brazil and Chile the Spanish company is sector leader. The Latin American market is one of the most important for Soltec, in which it benefits from a privileged position with a market share of 31%.

In recent years, furthermore, many of the projects installed by Soltec have been bifacial, which is able to achieve a much higher plant efficiency. 1.3 GW of the 7.1 GW track record are bifacial. From its earliest days, Soltec has been particularly committed to bifacial technology. Already in 2015 Soltec started is trajectory in this field, manufacturing the first solar tracker specifically designed for bifacial modules for the experimental plant at the La Silla space observatory in Chile. For this project, different modules were adapted to create a first version of the Soltec bifacial solar tracker. Since then, the Murcia-based company has continued working in this area, developing its designs to position itself at the forefront of bifacial tracking technology.

To continue to study and develop bifacial trackers, in 2018, Soltec inaugurated the first Bifacial Tracker Evaluation Centre (BiTEC), located in Livermore, California (US). Since then, BiTEC has focused on the analysis and study of the different parameters that impact on bifacial tracking in PV plants so that the solar installation achieves the best yield possible. Over the years, the company has published different studies and white papers with the results obtained during every season of the year and the best way to implement parameters, such as the albedo, height, temperature and the distance between modules.

Since it was founded in 2004, Soltec’s guiding principles have been innovation and sustainability. The constant evolution and development of its products is one of the pillars of the company and the reason it has become a reference in the solar PV market. The flexibility and adaptability of its solar trackers is one of the features that has made it possible to win the trust of its clients.

Alongside product innovation, Soltec has also been researching the generation of green hydrogen from solar power, known as “yellow hydrogen”. The company has recently created the Murcia Region Green Hydrogen Sector Association (AHMUR), which sets out to promote yellow hydrogen projects. Although this association is still at a very early stage, several important companies in Spain have already signed up to this initiative.