Soltec supports training through innovation

Soltec manufactures and supplies complete single-axis solar tracking units. Since its foundation in 2004, the Spanish company has been increasing its sales year after year to position itself as one of the companies with the greatest market share in the PV sector, according to the Wood Mackenzie PV market report. To date, Soltec has supplied more than 270,000 solar trackers worldwide.

To achieve these figures, Soltec has always been committed to product innovation and to the quality and control of its production processes. Whether in the PV plant or during manufacturing, Soltec experts have all the resources at their fingertips to respond to any incident that may occur, for both prevention and urgent response.

Soltec currently has factories in Spain and Brazil. Located next to its head office in Molina de Segura (Murcia) is Solhub, where the product is manufactured and distributed to any project located anywhere in the world. Before it leaves the factory, the product is subjected to an exhaustive review by the logistics team.

To maximise product quality, Soltec has committed to innovation, implementing the most efficient processes to detect possible improvements that can be applied to each phase. In addition to being able to rely on a team of experts specialising in different aspects of engineering and PV energy, the company is firmly committed to the lifelong training of its personnel. Apart from providing them with professional training and refresher courses, Soltec focuses on the cross-disciplinary enhancement of all its agents, so that learning in the sector and within the company is an ongoing and fulfilling experience for the whole team.

Together with its policy of lifelong learning, this Murcia-based company also seeks to attract talent and new generations of engineers. Through its training and corporate social responsibility programmes, Soltec has promoted several grants and courses geared towards new engineering graduates, mechanics and those with training in electricity and electronics who are interested in renewable energy.

“Soltec is very committed to job creation and attracting talent. Thanks to our training programmes, such as the Solteach Grants, we offer the best professionals in the sector the opportunity to receive training in PV energy and to work in one of the leading solar power companies”, comments Soltec’s CEO, Raúl Morales.

The Solteach grant, whose second edition took place last July, offered 20 new engineers the chance to be trained at Soltec’s facilities and obtain an inside view of how the company operate. Many of these students are now working at Soltec, some of them on different projects around the world.

A commitment to job creation and a positive working environment are the pillars that form the basis of Soltec’s business ethic, in which the employee is the driver of the company. Through initiatives such as the Solteach training and employment grant, this company with over 15 years experience in the sector, supports quality jobs and the incorporation of new professionals into the world of solar energy.

Far from being an alternative, renewable energy has become a reality in recent years. Companies such as Soltec support environmentally-friendly practices and the protection of our planet through its activity creating clean energy. The Solteach programme also sets out to make these professionals share in the growth of one of the most buoyant sectors of recent years.