This article features the LIFE Factory Microgrid Project whose main aim is to demonstrate the suitability of microgrids in industrial environments to increase the diffusion of renewable energy. increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Jofemar and CENER, Spain’s National Renewable Energy Centre, have designed a microgrid that incorporates renewable generation, flow battery storage and electric mobility using V2G technology. This demonstration project in a real-life environment will take place at the Jofemar facilities in Peralta (Navarra). As such, it will test the feasibility of this concept to cover energy consumption in the field of industry in addition to generating a new business model called Factory Microgrid.

This model is designed to increase reliability of the energy service for its users so that there are fewer interruptions and to have greater control over the specific use of the energy consumed, at the same as increasing energy efficiency and decreasing both operational costs and its environmental impact.

Article published in: FuturENERGY November-December 2014