Spain has 433 biomass heating networks representing installed thermal capacity of almost 383 MW

España cuenta con 433 redes de calor con biomasa que suponen cerca de 383 MW de potencia térmica instalada
Red de calor con biomasa Móstoles Ecoenergía puesta en marcha por Veolia

In its latest Biomass Observatory report for 2020, the Spanish Association of Energy Recovery from Biomass (AVEBIOM) has recorded 433 biomass heating networks with an installed thermal capacity of almost 383 MW.

Progress in the implementation of biomass-based thermal energy networks in Spain is very positive. Since 2010, when the newly created Biomass Observatory recorded the first 30, the number of facilities has increased almost fifteen-fold to 433 by the end of 2020, to which must be added approximately 50 facilities in various stages of development.

In addition, three quarters of all existing heating networks in the country run on biomass rather than fossil fuels, representing a substantial contribution to the ongoing energy transition.

According to Javier Díaz, President of AVEBIOM, “although progress is not stagnant, it is slower than would be expected when compared to other EU countries. Greater commitment is needed from all levels of government, from local councils to the State, given that biomass heating networks can play a key role in the decarbonisation of thermal energy supply in Spanish residential, services and industrial sectors”.

AVEBIOM recently submitted an ambitious project proposal to the Spanish Government to promote the creation of 100 new biomass-based heating networks in municipalities with populations of under 5,000.