Spain must lead solar deployment, an opportunity for social and environmental responsibility

FuturENERGY December 2021-January 2022

La eólica afronta 2022 con grandes retos para continuar siendo la primera tecnología del mix energético español

2021 has raised the profile of solar power for many reasons. We have come to be the pillar of the energy transition as the cheapest, most participative and environmentally friendly renewable energy. This is positive news, but it
also represents a responsibility and a challenge. Over the coming months, we will have the chance to demonstrate that the sector is ready to address this commitment to PV and can furthermore do so in excellent fashion.

We therefore find ourselves at a tipping point, not only for our sector, but also for the energy and ecological transition process, as well as for the economic reactivation of our country. The fight against climate change and the energy independence of Spain have come to the fore with two milestones that have affected us all: firstly, the appearance of COVID, which has highlighted the importance of consolidating our industrial fabric and having the capacity to manufacture our own components; and secondly, the publication of the draft sixth report released by the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) last summer, clearly stating that the consequences of exceeding the 1.5°C average global temperature are more serious than first thought.

If that was not enough, the energy sector has been caught out by the rise in electricity prices. Making electricity more affordable for every citizen now requires a greater introduction of renewable technologies into the market, as these have proved to bring down the cost of energy.

Rafael Benjumea
Chair of the Spanish
PV Industry Association, UNEF