Spain’s first renewable storage plant using second-life batteries comes online

FuturENERGY July-September 2021

En operación la primera planta de almacenamiento renovable con baterías de segunda vida en España

Acciona has commissioned Spain’s first renewable storage plant to use second-life batteries, which integrates a test bench for disruptive energy storage systems, at the company’s experimental PV plant in Montes del Cierzo in Tudela (Navarre). The aim is to assess the technical feasibility of second-life battery operation integrated into renewable generation plants. This integration into a PV plant turns a circular economy project into reality within the framework of a call for strategic projects by the Government of Navarre.

The Tudela experimental plant has 1 MWn/1.2 MWp of PV divided into two generation zones: centralised and distributed, in addition to one first-use lithium-ion battery with an output of 1 MW. The distributed generation zone is equipped with different technologies of PV modules mounted on varying types of fixed structures, with azimuth, horizontal and polar tracking. In parallel, a test bench for new storage technologies has also been installed with an output of around 100 kW.

This test bench comprises a 20-foot container equipped with all the equipment necessary for the correct operation of the storage systems (fire detection, temperature control, motion detection, etc.). Inside, it has a metallic wall that divides the container into two spaces: the inverter area and the battery area. The 100-kW inverter has been developed by Ingeteam specifically for the test bench within the framework of the GERA project and is connected to the inverter of one of the PV plant strings.