Navarra-based company Jofemar, leader in integrated technological solutions for the vending, e-mobility and energy storage sectors, and Andalusia-based Retrofactory, a Hurtado family business that was the founder of the legendary Hurtan classic automobiles, have entered into a joint venture to manufacture the first luxury vehicle with 100% electric propulsion to be produced in Spain.

The new company, Velántur Cars, in which both partners have a 50% stake, will produce 100% electric vehicles at the former Santana factory in Linares (Jaen). The company is expected to complete the development and industrialisation process of the new vehicle during 2016, at which time its commercialisation will start.

Following the pre-agreement signed with the IDEA, the Andalusian Agency for Innovation and Development, part of the Council for Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, representatives from Velántur Cars indicated that the reutilisation and use of part of the Linares factory would be an interesting prospect. This would significantly boost the industrial framework that has traditionally characterised the area and lead to the creation of new jobs, taking advantage of the presence of other significant agents such as the CETEMET, the Technological Centre for Metal Mechanics and Transport, and the University.
The creation of Velántur Cars forms part of the strategic policy of both partners to respond to the growing demand for this type of vehicles in the automotive market and at the same time, to promote sustainable mobility.

After three years R&D, the company Velántur Cars is about to launch its first luxury car in Spain to be 100% powered by electricity, a new Art-Tech concept vehicle designed for lovers of exclusive cars that will very soon be driving on Spanish roads. The project is the result of the entrepreneurship of various Navarra-based and Andalusian business owners united by the dream of creating an automobile that is able to combine maximum hand-crafted quality, the best materials and the cleanest energy: electricity. The project has also benefitted from the ongoing and invaluable support of Juan Fernández, Mayor of Linares.

The vehicle has been developed by Jofemar Electromobility, the Jofemar Corporation division specialising in e-mobility and by the company Retrofactory, a specialist in the conceptualisation, design and development of exclusive automobiles. Its spectacular aesthetics offer highly aerodynamic and sinuous lines, raising excitement at first sight. In addition, this new EV incorporates the latest in innovative technologies to guarantee not only the best performance but also total sustainability and respect for the environment.