Special Issue: CHP. October 22

especial cogeneracion

Special report focusing on CHP, published as a separate issue to the September-October 2022 edition of FuturENERGY for its special distribution at the XVIII Annual CHP Congress (Spain, 4 October), where FuturENERGY has an active presence as media partner.

This special report includes the following:


AERZEN, reliable, flexible and efficient screw compressors


Increasing energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of the Michelin plant in Cuneo

1 MW biogas energy recovery plant with microturbines for the Managua Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

The second life of CHP. Circular investments with return, the surus value recovery model

Thermal battery for cogenerations. Providing flexibility and improving efficiency


Energy efficiency in industry, the key role of flow control systems

Smart finance to enable investment in energy optimisation and efficiency

Schaeffler solutions for smart maintenance to optimise industrial plant efficiency

Compact size and high power density make HDP motors from ABB ideal for powering any machine