Bespoke gensets serving the sun

FuturENERGY July-September 2021

Grupos electrógenos a la carta al servicio del sol

An interruption to the power supply, even for a few seconds, can have fatal consequences for certain installations and buildings, including solar plants, as well as infrastructures such as airports and hospitals. For this reason, emergency generator sets must form part of the design and construction plans of this type of projects from the outset. Genesal Energy participates in solar projects worldwide, particularly in Europe and Latin America, designing customised gensets that adapt to the needs of the most demanding solar plants.

The goal: risk avoidance

When undertaking the construction of a solar plant, the availability of the best professionals in the manufacture and installation of distributed energy is essential to avoid risks to the power supply. This is why solar plants need specialist and highly customised gensets. The reason? Their design always depends on where they are located (terrain conditions, high temperatures, low permeability to sand, high seismic risk, altitude above sea level…). Every solar plant is different, and thus the gensets responsible for guaranteeing an uninterrupted supply also vary to ensure optimal operation and avoid unpleasant surprises.

The cross-disciplinary nature of Genesal Energy allows the company to offer an integrated service. Added to its experience in manufacturing equipment for national and international solar power projects comes the advantage of having its own R&D+i centre, the CETED, in addition to a Customer Service Team (SAT) that is atypical in the sector because it goes well beyond the after-sales concept.