STI Norland and Euskaltel join forces to develop new business models based on servitisation

FuturENERGY July-September 2021

STI Norland y Euskaltel se alían para desarrollar nuevos modelos de negocio basados en la servitización

Over two years have passed since publication of Royal Decree 244/2019, which opened the door to shared self-consumption systems in Spain. Thanks to this, both private individuals and companies can share the production of a local renewable generation installation and thereby make savings on their electricity bills. Subject to compliance with some specific conditions, interested consumers can adhere to this system and agree how to distribute the production by means of a series of set coefficients and variables. Norvento has already undertaken several collective self-consumption projects, using its proprietary technology.

This type of installation is extremely interesting for many wellknown reasons:

  • System costs are democratised: the investment to be made by each consumer is lower, thus substantially improving ROI periods.
  • More flexibility as regards installation location: the optimal site for the renewable production system can be chosen.
  • Individual self-consumption levels can be adjusted by means of the assigned coefficients as the consumption evolves, with no need to scale-up the generation system.
  • This type of installation is recently receiving quite a lot of Government support.

Norvento has already taken part in several collective selfconsumption projects, using its proprietary technology. Equipment such as the Norvento Gridmaster Converter (nGM) with its advanced controller incorporate all the functionalities needed to optimise the energy cost of this type of community. In addition to making an optimal use of the energy stored in the batteries via the energy management system or EMS, the nGM can control the output consumed and/or injected back into the grid, as well as provide voltage control to improve the quality of the community’s power supply.