STI Norland to supply 180 MWp of dual-row trackers for projects in Spain

New solar tracking logic will optimize power generation on cloudy days

STI Norland suministrará 180 MWp de sus seguidores bifila en proyectos de Palencia y Zamora

STI Norland, one of the main solar tracker manufacturers worldwide, will supply 180 MWp of its STI-H250™, first dual-row tracker available on the marketplace, to four photovoltaic plants in the Spanish region of Castile-Leon, namely in the provinces of Palencia and Zamora. With this contract, there are now 30 photovoltaic plants in Spain equipped with STI Norland’s dual-row trackers.

The STI-H250™, solar tracker model selected for these facilities, “is ideal for challenging projects”, explains Ignacio Irureta, STI Norland project manager. “Dual-row trackers are designed to adapt to uneven terrains and ground contours, optimizing the use of available land and increasing power generation”.

A special technical feature of this project of that STI-H250™ solar trackers employ a tracking logic which enhances performance on cloudy days. This logic was developed and successfully tested in previous projects supplied by STI Norland.

These solar trackers are also equipped with large photovoltaic panels which enable in-series connection of 38 modules. To do that, STI Norland designed a solution to inter-connect solar modules from different trackers or different rows of the same tracker.

Source: STI Norland