Storing energy safely thanks to passive fire protection

FuturENERGY April - May 2022

Almacenar energía de forma segura gracias a la protección pasiva contraincendios

Promat, expert in passive fire protection, and Proinsener, a Spanish company specialised in the integration of containerised energy solutions, are working together to develop containers equipped with passive fire protection for battery-based energy storage systems. This collaboration seeks to respond to a solution that is increasingly sought-after by the market, and one whose aim is to mitigate the risks that lithium-ion batteries represent.

The containerised units from Proinsener, alongside the solution provided by Promat for passive fire protection, are the perfect response for utility-scale energy storage projects and can be used to integrate different storage technologies, supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen solutions and hybrid technologies, as well as for different purposes.

Every storage solution is designed for the purpose of complying with the most demanding of specifications and is prepared to address every type of adverse condition. Proinsener mechanically and electrically adapts each container depending on the technology to be integrated, with the aim of achieving the perfect solution to house each technology to be installed inside the rooms and obtain a plug & play solution.