Street lighting accounts for 13% of the EU’s total electricity consumption

Today, more than ever, lighting is a key sector for Europe’s economy due to the size of the market which stands at €17bn, employing approximately 150,000 people. The sector is specialising in high added value products that use SSL (Solid State Lighting) technology, innovatively designed luminaires and every type of control associated with the new technologies. Installations are carried out using Smart Lighting thus providing a service to both the economy and to society.

There is one parameter that gives us a clear idea of the lighting sector at global level. This is in the form of the 6 billion light points, meaning that there is no single activity in existence in which illumination is not present and, at the same time, there is no action or situation in the life of a human being that is not accompanied by light.

Illumination is often confused with energy saving. It makes no sense to see lighting solely as energy efficiency as this is to see it exclusively as a means to save electricity costs; certainly it is a step backwards to “switch off” in the 21st Century. Light is an element that increases concentration, at both a professional and recreational level in addition to increasing capacity in terms of cognitive performance and enhancing moods as well as producing visual and emotional biological benefits. We maintain that lighting is a visual function that allows us to identify objects and individuals, working seamlessly to create a sensation of security and orientation. Read more…

Alfredo Berges
Managing Director of ANFALUM, the Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers

Article published in: FuturENERGY November 2015