Sulzer Schmid and ENERTRAG Betrieb improve wind turbine blade inspections

Sulzer Schmid y ENERTRAG Betrieb mejoran la inspección de palas de aerogeneradores

Sulzer Schmid and ENERTRAG Betrieb have teamed up to provide a new wind turbine blade inspection solution that integrates ENERTRAG Betrieb’s innovative lightning protection systems (LPS) testing solution with Sulzer Schmid’s UAV technology and digital inspection platform. This key innovation will enable LPS testing to be carried out at the same time as rotor blade inspections, saving operators and owners time and money.

Lightning is a major risk for wind farm operators, endangering people and equipment. According to experts, each wind turbine has an extremely high probability of being struck by lightning every year. This is why the LPS testing is such an essential component of wind turbine inspections.

ENERTRAG Betriebhas developed an innovative and realistic process for LPS testing. Using an intermittent AC voltage of up to 6,000 V, which is much closer to the reality of a lightning strike than previous measurements of just 24 V, the voltage is fed into the LPS located at the root of the wind turbine rotor blade which then generates an intermittent electric field around the blade. If the electric field is detected in the area of the blade tip, the lightning protection system is functional. If the electric field does not reach the blade tip, this indicates a damage to the lightning protection system. The damage is located where the electric field stops in the direction of the blade tip.

The two companies have co-developed a non-contact testing solution by mounting the LPS measuring equipment onto the DJI M300 RTK blade inspection drone and integrating the results within Sulzer Schmid’s 3DX™ Blade Platform.

The development of the prototype and its test phase has been completed and the product feasibility has been proven in a recent study. This is great news for wind farm operators, and an attractive solution for developers of new wind farm projects with larger and more powerful turbines.

Source: Sulzer Schmid