Sustainability and efficiency in creative industries and the music sector

Shambala Festival, UK, 2014, Carolina Faruolo©

Interest in the use of smarter energy in the music industry is on the up, thanks to reductions in the use of energy and fuel ranging from 5 – 40%, endorsed by a large number of good practices that have been developed at different events and in different locations. This article looks at energy efficiency and sustainability projects in the music sector including the European EE MUSIC project.

Today we are used to hearing terms such as creative industries, the music industry or the film industry.

The professionalisation and specialisation of culture and music has given rise to the incorporation of concepts and methodologies inherent to the industry in this sector, the result of a more globalised world. The organisation and management of this type of events increasingly requires highly qualified professionals that possess a high level of specialisation. Such events require an efficient management of the resources used for their operation, added to which they bear the responsibility of establishing themselves as a powerful channel for communication and raising awareness with society as a whole.

Antonio Cañas Rojas
Founder and Director of Greenize. Ambassador and company of reference in Spain for EE Music

Article published in: FuturENERGY April 2015