Sustainable Mobility. Electric Vehicle. Expoelectric & Ecartec 2015 Special Edition


Our special report focusing on Electric Vehicle is published as part of the September 2015 issue of FuturENERGY and also as a separate report.

It will be distributed to exhibitors and visitors at: Green Cities & Sostenibilidad (Malaga, Spain, 7-8 Oct.), IV GASNAM Congress (Barcelona, Spain, 20-21 Oct.), Ecartec (Munich, Germany, 20-22 Oct.), IEEV China (Beijing, China, 21-24 Oct.) and Smart City Expo World Congress (Barcelona, Spain, 10-12 Nov.).

This special report includes the following:

COVER STORY: ecaR, the first fast charging club for EVs from Endesa


Begoña Cristeto, General Secretariat of Industry and SMEs
Institutional support for the electric vehicle: VEA Strategy, Movele Programme and implementation of Directive 2014/94/EU: instruments for sustainable mobility

Ángel López, E-mobility Programme Director, Barcelona City Hall
Barcelona and its commitment to e-mobility

Arturo Pérez de Lucia, General Manager, AEDIVE
The reality of diesel: an opportunity for the electric vehicle

Natural gas and its role in sustainable mobility

Using Matlab to model and characterise an electric vehicle
“Made in Euskadi” fast charging points for electric cars
Installation and types of charging points for electric vehicles

Innovative charging concept for electric buses: more mobility and route independence
Wireless charging for urban transport systems
E-Mobility is the key to achieving sustainable cities

Good mobility practices for work centres. Case study: the Miramón Technology Park in Gipuzkoa
An EV-based logistics platform

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