SynRM IE5 motors and VSD from ABB: the perfect match

Motores ABB SynRM IE5 con variador: la pareja perfecta

Due to the immense growth in electrification and urbanisation, 45% of global energy is used to supply electric motors. This, in addition to some increasingly more demanding efficiency levels and standards, has resulted in a world that needs even more efficient motors.

To deliver a solution to these huge challenges of today and tomorrow, ABB has launched its new package of a synchronous reluctance motor (SynRm) IE5 with variable speed drive,- the perfect match to obtain everything you need from one single supplier.

Designed for ultra-premium IE5 efficiency, the SynRM motors from ABB avoid up to 40% fewer losses than normal motors.  In addition, thanks to their operation at lower temperatures, 30% at winding temperatures and up to 15% for the bearings, the SynRM IE5 motors from ABB help extend the motor’s service life, as well as avoid unscheduled downtime.

Alongside ABB’s scalable range of compact variable speed drives, this SynRM motor solution offers optimal process operation with energy savings of up to 30% or more.

With much improved energy losses, the SynRM motor with VSD package is offered as an optimal solution for a range of applications in highly demanding industrial sectors, including food and beverages, water and temperature control (HVAC). Although its advantages can be applied to all currently existing industries, for both new projects and in replacements or customised machinery manufacturers, the SynRM IE5 motor has the same dimensions as traditional induction motors.

Additional information:

Take part in the upcoming webinars from ABB to find out about all the advantages of the SynRM IE5 package with VSD

Find out more about how to drastically reduce operating costs with the SynRM IE5 motor plus variable speed drive package from ABB in our upcoming webinars. Presented by company experts, ABB is holding digital seminars on 28, 29 and 30 March, focused on some key sectors, such as food and drinks, the water industry and temperature control.

  • 28 March | 16:00 (Spain) | SynRM motors with VSD for food and beverages
  • 29 March | 16:00 (Spain) | SynRM motors with VSD for the water industry
  • 30 March | 16:00 (Spain) | SynRM motors with VSD for heating & cooling

Keep an eye on the website SynRM motors from ABB and book your place to learn all about the advantages of working with the perfect match.