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Today, gensets with biodiesel- or natural gas-powered engines, are one of the most widely-used technologies in the distributed generation market, whether for emergency applications, prime or continuous power, CHP and so on. The global market keeps on growing and in line with two reports published by Navigant Research, global installed capacity in diesel gensets could grow from 62.5 GW in 2015 to 103.7 GW in 2024. Natural gas gensets are forecast to grow from 12.9 GW in 2015 to over 27.1 GW in 2024. Despite the predominance of diesel gensets, the line between both is increasingly blurred given the growing popularity of dual-fuel diesel-gas gensets. This article covers some of the main conclusions of these reports.

Reciprocating engines represent the most widespread and mature technology for any type of energy generation, from small portable gensets to larger industrial engines that power generators of several megawatts. Reciprocating engine-based gensets can be grouped together to form power plants, even though their primary use is for distributed generation.

As a source of emergency, continuous or prime power, diesel gensets have historically been the most popular for energy generation applications, in almost any power range and are positioned to continue this steady growth in most regions and power classes. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2015

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Rolls-Royce will be showcasing its portfolio of power supply solutions at the Powergen Exhibition in Amsterdam (Stand 1C20). Products from MTU Onsite Energy and Bergen Engines include high-speed and medium-speed diesel and gas gensets ranging from 24 to 9,400 kWe. MTU Onsite Energy and Bergen Engines are part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems within the Land & Sea Division of Rolls-Royce.

At Powergen Europe 2015, MTU Onsite Energy is presenting its product portfolio for high-speed gas engine systems up to 2,530 kWe and diesel gensets up to 3,250 kWe. The exhibition stand will include a model of a gas genset based on MTU Series 4000 engines. The heat and power generating systems produce 1,010 to 2,530 kWe and are available in 8, 12, 16 and 20 cylinder configurations. The exhibits also include a diesel genset model based on the new generation of MTU Series 2000 engines. The new genset is quieter, more efficient and more compact than previously available gensets. It is equipped with common rail technology and generates up to 1,120 kWe, providing a 12% increase in range compared to its predecessor. Distributed power plant solutions from MTU Onsite Energy cover both continuous power generation needs as well as emergency and peak generation applications. They perform a critical function in special-purpose applications such as airports, hospitals and computer centers and can also be used as base and peak load power supply plants.

The medium-speed power generation solutions in the Rolls-Royce range come from Bergen Engines. At Powergen Europe 2015, Bergen Engines is showcasing a model genset based on the 20-cylinder, Type B35:40 gas engine. Electricity generation systems based on these gensets are in operation in greenhouses and power plants in Holland, the UK and the Czech Republic. Diesel and gas-powered gensets from Bergen Engines cover a range from 3,700 to 9,400 kWe while complete electric power generation systems can offer total outputs in excess of 200 MWe.

Their proven technology, high levels of availability and low operating costs mean that these engines are popular with operators around the world. Their robust construction and superior electrical efficiency ratings of up to 48.5% are particularly important features. Typical applications include base-load generation for electricity providers; grid load-balancing and peak-load supply; combined heat and power generation; combined heat, power and cooling plants; emergency power and mechanical drive power in the oil and gas industry.

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