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Himoinsa has supplied generator sets to Transgaz, the national company responsible for gas transportation in Romania, through its distributor All Generating. The generator sets provide emergency power to the control centres in the handling stations, thereby preventing malfunctions in the electrical network from interrupting gas supply throughout the country.

Four HGP-100 T5 NG models have been supplied, equipped with PSI motors and powered by the natural gas that Transgaz transports through the gas pipelines to Romania and other nearby countries. The fact that the generator sets are powered with the same gas that they transport entails significant advantages for the Romanian company: it uses the resources that are already available in the installation and avoids having to store and provide an additional supply of diesel fuel.

The weather conditions in Romania have been essential for the choice of generator sets, which have to be prepared to work at temperatures below zero. In winter, the snowstorms sometimes interrupt electricity supply to the control centres of the gas stations. These centres are responsible for proper operation of the entire national transportation system. They regulate gas flow and control the compression stations to enable the gas to flow through the pipelines while compensating the pressure losses that are generated during transportation.

Source: Himoinsa

Following a successful market launch, the MGT series of gas turbines is now completing its project references. In the Rehden compressor station operated by Gascade Gastransport GmbH, one of Germany’s largest gas transportation companies, an MGT 6200 two-shaft turbine will in future drive a centrifugal compressor (MAN RV 050) thereby increasing the station’s natural gas transportation capacity.

“With the additional compressor train from MAN we shall be able to significantly raise the capacities of our long-distance gas pipelines from 2017,” says Heidi Bernhardt, Head of Systems Engineering at Gascade. “In addition to the technical performance data, the experiences we had during close collaboration on previous projects was a further aspect that led to our decision to choose MAN once again.”

Gascade as a long-term customer operates numerous stations with MAN products, including the station in Rehden, the largest hub in the company’s supply network. MAN Diesel & Turbo offers both motor-driven and turbine-driven compression solutions for use in compressor stations. In Rehden, for instance, two electrically driven Man Mopico® (Motor Pipeline Compressors) with magnetic bearings have already been in use for years.

“In addition to a precisely coordinated design of compressor and turbine, the machine train currently on order boasts further highlights,” says Matthias Grapow, Head of the Midstream Segment at MAN Diesel & Turbo. For example, even the low volume of seal gas leakage from the compressor is returned to the gas system and not, as is normally the case, into the atmosphere. This represents a further contribution to environmental friendliness in the operation of gas transportation systems. “As well as the highly individual design of the entire machine train,” says Grapow.