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Since 2013, the Hospital de Manises, together with its associated healthcare centres and special units, have managed to bring down their energy consumption by 16% as well as achieving a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions. These figures go beyond the initial objectives forecast for 2015, given that the target was to reduce the 2015 carbon footprint by 20% by means of measures including: saving energy on the consumption of gas and electricity, the green purchase of renewable energy sources of 100% of the electricity consumed in the area, a reduction in the number of business trips and the acquisition of hybrid vehicles for home care.

The centre has obtained this good result thanks to the launch of an ambitious sustainable management programme that has been implemented alongside other actions including replacing the lighting system in the hospital and primary care centres with LED technology that consume less than conventional systems.

A high level of performance has also been achieved from the centre’s solar thermal plant to reduce the consumption of natural gas in domestic hot water generation. The optimisation of the solar PV panels has been another savings factor as they are able to supply the consumption equivalent to all the lighting for the hospital’s main foyer over the course of 14 hours a day. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2016

Rolls-Royce is delivering 23 MTU Onsite Energy standby gensets as part of the expansion and modernisation of the existing Al Farwaniya hospital in Kuwait City by the Kuwait Ministry of Health, due for completion by mid-2019.

MTU Partner Albisher & Z Alkazemi Company (A&A) recently closed the deal for delivery of the 23 gensets with prime contractor Sayed Hamid Behbehani & Sons Co. (SHBC) in Kuwait. The diesel-powered gensets based on MTU Series 4000 20-cylinder engines each deliver a maximum of 2,750 kVA of prime power.

In case of any instability in the power supply, the 23 gensets keep the hospital running smoothly by delivering some 50 MW of power in a matter of seconds. With ambient temperatures ranging as high as 55 °C, keeping the hospital’s air-conditioning system up and running is crucial.

The hospital was built in Kuwait City’s Al Farwaniya medical district in 1980. It is now being expanded in the course of extensive modernisation work to incorporate a 955 bed Hospital building, an Outpatients’ dermatology clinic, a Dental clinic, a service building and a multi-storey car park. When development has been completed, Al Farwaniya will be one of the most modern hospitals in Kuwait.