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AEMER, RSA España and FuturENERGY have published the English language version of the Guide entitled Recommendations for Periodic Diagnosis and Assessment of Wind Farms. The Guide represents a further step in the Association’s strategy for the internationalisation of maintenance providers, within its basic lines of action, which focus on professionalisation and quality.

The Guide addresses the main components of wind turbines: blades, tower, foundations, electrical equipment, mechanical transmission and substations. It also identifies the responsibilities of the different parties involved: owners, manufacturers, independent service providers and insurance companies.

The Guide fills a gap in the world of wind power know-how, given that there are scarcely any documents of Spanish origin published in English that can be of general use in the sector, in a context of foreign competition, mainly from Denmark, Germany and the United States.

This Guide is aimed at wind farm owners, insurance companies and maintenance companies, but it is also very useful for centres that provide training in accordance with GWO standards, as well as other complementary courses for the purpose of improving knowledge of equipment and components. This is particularly true in the current market, where older farms co-exist with more modern facilities featuring large wind turbines.

The ultimate aim is to optimise the performance of wind farms, accompanying them throughout their service lives at the lowest possible cost, whilst maintaining the highest standards of health and safety at all times.


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Deutsche Windtechnik and some of its customers are using the Hamburg WindEnergy 2018 trade fair to sign several long-term service contracts. Maintenance contracts for a total capacity of 56 MW were signed yesterday, at the start of the fair, and further cooperation agreements will follow during the coming days.

Right at the beginning of the fair, Deutsche Windtechnik AG successfully concluded a full maintenance contract, including large components, for the Sailershäuser Wald wind farm. Stakeholders in the citizens’ wind farm include Planet energy GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greenpeace Energy eG, and Städtische Betriebe Haßfurt GmbH, which are also responsible for operational management. Deutsche Windtechnik will take over maintenance for the ten Nordex N 117 turbines immediately after the warranty period expires, and the contract term is 18 years.

Also on Tuesday, Deutsche Windtechnik and the project developer and operator Saxovent Ökologische Investments GmbH & Co. KG, which has its headquarters in Berlin, agreed on a full service contract including large components for ten Vestas V90 turbines installed at the Große-Welle and Crussow wind farms.

Another contract for nine AN Bonus 1300 turbines was also signed at the trade fair.

Source: Deutsche Windtechnik

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WINDSOURCING.COM one of the world’s largest retailers at the interface between manufacturers and customers will once again be personally represented at the fair WindEnergy 2018 and present itself and a selection of its products and services. From the 25th to the 28th of September 2018, visitors can visit the Hamburg Messe site in hall A4, at booth 301.04. (the joint booth of the Cluster Renewable Energies Hamburg) and inform themselves about products for the maintenance and repair of wind turbines.

Customer proximity determines the company success of the spare parts dealer

With more than 250,000 articles and now more than 300 supply partners – in the last two years, the wind energy products trading platform WINDSOURCING.COM has continued to grow. In the spring, for example, the Finnish abrasives manufacturer Mirka and Kömmerling Chemische Fabrik GmbH joined as partners. Since last year WINDSOURCING.COM is the exclusive supplier for the new product development “SikaCor® SW-1000 RepaCor” for Sika Deutschland GmbH in the after sales service market wind industry in Europe. The distributor also organizes regular free product trainings for this anti-corrosion product. Visitors to the fair stand at WindEnergy Hamburg can experience a selection of the assortment up close. And for all questions about products and services as well as the company, the employees of WINDSOURCING.COM are at visitor’s disposal – even beyond the trade fair.

The growing variety of offers and the proximity to customers, suppliers, manufacturers and products are important reasons for the success of the company. “We are not an anonymous internet platform“, WINDSOURCING.COM CEO Stefan Weber explains the company’s success: “Our customers can contact us by phone or in person in several languages. Our products and services come with concrete faces and names that they can trust. The personal accessibility and relationship is very important, both for our customers and for us as a company.

Stefan Weber invites interested manufacturers and suppliers to become part of the supply network of WINDSOURCING.COM as well. “Our network already consists of many national and international supply partners for various wind turbine brands. If companies offer products or services for wind turbines and would like to distribute this portfolio through a specialized and experienced trading partner in the wind energy market, we look forward to hearing from them.


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Iberdrola, through its subsidiary Iberdrola Renovables Energía S.A.U, has concluded the tendering process for the maintenance of a large portion of its wind turbine fleet, namely 4,425 megawatts (MW) operated in the Iberian Peninsula.

The framework agreements have a combined value of €110 million and duration between two to three years, depending on the type of services which have been allocated. Negotiations for this tendering process took place over the past six months and the key winners are Vestas and Gamesa who will carry out preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance for 2,190 MW and 1,265 MW respectively at wind farms in Spain and Portugal.In addition, Iberdrola will hire the services of Basque companies Ingeteam (233.3 MW) and Tamoin (421 MW), the Galician company IM Future (218 MW) and the Portuguese company Efacec (96.9 MW).

All the facilities asubject to the framework agreements are equipped with Gamesa G4X, G5X and G6X wind technology.Iberdrola tendered two types of services: basic maintenance, for a two-year period, and the risk service for three years which includes preventive and small corrective maintenance in addition to consumables, spare parts and predictive maintenance of oil use.

The selection of bids was done by Iberdrola in accordance with strict criteria based on safety, technical expertise and commercial competitiveness.

Source: Iberdrola

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Ingeteam has won a new operation and maintenance contract for two wind farms in the United Kingdom. This is a key contract for Ingeteam, making it the company to hold the world record for maintained power. With contracts totaling more than 12 GW of maintained power throughout the world, Ingeteam has strengthened its position as the leading ISP (Independent Service Provider) of operation and maintenance services at energy generation plants.

This new contract with Iberdrola is to provide wind power operation and maintenance services for 200 MW at the Scottish wind farms of Harestanes and Mark Hill. As this is the first contract of this nature in Scotland, the company will open an office in the city of Glasgow for the supervision and coordination of the entire project.

Ingeteam has been working in O&M since 1999 and is present in 22 countries across all 5 continents
The company has been present in the United Kingdom since 2016, when it furthered its international expansion by starting up a subsidiary in the country with contracts in the PV and wind power sectors. Particular mention should be made of the supply of voltage converters for three wind farms, Black Law, Hare Hill and Glen App, and substation automation solutions for Scottish Power Energy Networks.

Source: Ingeteam

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GES has returned to the construction and installation activity in Egypt recently. In the last year, GES has been awarded with three new projects in the country. GES has a long experience in the O&M field in Egypt. The company has 200 MW in maintenance in the country and will add 40 MW more in the near future.

The instability and the special market situation forced GES to slow down its construction activity during the past years. But in 2016 GES took the opportunity to get back to work in the country, undertaking part of the electrical works and the installation of a 220MW wind farm.


A stable presence in Egypt made it possible to GES to commit the installation of such a huge project, integrating local workforce at the same time. This decision has been consolidated during the last few weeks, by the awarding of a new 20 wind turbines project, GES is already working on.

Egypt is a big market, where GES expects to grow in the near future. Carlos Charray, EMEA Sales Director mentions: “GES has a 300MW background in construction and installation in the Egypt. The company plans to keep growing in this strategic country.”

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Siemens has completed extensive service operations on the gas turbines at Jebel Ali K-station in a record time of only 29 working days, a notable accomplishment for a project of this scale. The power plant is located in Dubai and owned by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and in operation since 2002.

The outage featured the application of the “rotor-swap”; a pioneering concept that has been developed by DEWA to utilize a spare rotor and other critical parts, stored at the plant’s site, to maximize each unit’s availability and reduce idle time while waiting for the completion of rotor assembly work.


Under terms of the agreement, Siemens provided supervisory services for three of Jebel Ali K-station’s gas turbines to enable further efficient and reliable operation for approximately 100,000 hours – equivalent to about 15 years. The upgrades also increased power output by 62.6 MW and improved power plant efficiency by about 0.5 percent.

After a certain number of operating hours, all gas turbines need to be dismantled for maintenance services. Typically, an outage of this kind would take up to 45 working days to complete, involving over 100 personnel with different areas of technical expertise. By implementing a newer outage concept, Siemens was able to perform the services within just 29 working days, setting a new benchmark in the global power service industry.

Recently, Siemens and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) have signed an agreement to collaborate on an advanced data-driven project. Siemens and DEWA are working together to identify ways to improve thermal efficiency, provide cost-effective solutions for performance optimization, manage costs and reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Source: Siemens

New research into turbine reliability from Wind Energy Update in partnership with Wind Energy Benchmarking Services (WEBS) has found DFIM turbines have the longest repair times per failure. The research took thousands of years of combined operational data for different generation capacities and turbine technologies. By measuring the time to failure and the repair time per failure, the research provides a cutting-edge insight into turbine reliability and performance. Participation in a benchmarking programme is critical to enable access to reliability and performance data, knowledge sharing of best practices and the implementation of sector-wide standards. This is already increasing investor confidence in the wind sector by reducing the levelised cost of energy. Without strong benchmarking capabilities, insights such as this are harder to detect and asset managers will miss out on the benefits of greater reliability and targeted maintenance planning, which benchmarking can offer.

The O&M landscape has undergone considerable changes in recent years. Owner, operators and IPPs are increasingly examining a range of O&M options as their assets reach end-of-warranty. A recent report by GCube noted that around 1/3 of all wind turbines are nearing the end of O&M service agreements. Operators, asset managers and those responsible for overall project operations are now assessing the value of independent service provider (ISP) maintenance contracts. Cost is often cited as an important issue when selecting an ISP or the OEM end-of-warranty package option. At a time of decreasing subsidies and record low auction prices, cost is increasingly significant, a trend expected to continue over the next 3-5 years.


Navigant Research has noted that warranties have now expired on over 50% of the global installed turbine capacity. Make Consulting predict that the global O&M market is set to grow from $9.7bn in 2015 to $19.3bn by 2021. This trend is particularly prevalent in the USA. IHS Energy Research forecast US O&M spending will almost double to $6bn by 2025 as a direct result of the number of turbines coming out of warranty. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2017

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Senvion has announced the signature of a framework contract with EDP Renewables in Portugal totaling up to 216 MW. The agreement will include wind turbines from the Senvion MM and 3.XM series and the contract is valid until the end of 2019. This framework contract also includes the supply of full maintenance services for five years with an extension up to 20 years.

The contract comprises Senvion MM92 and MM100 turbines, with a respective nominal power of 2.05 MW and 2.0 MW as well as the recently upgraded Senvion 3.6M114 and 3.4M122, with 3.6 and 3.4 MW rated power respectively. These turbines demonstrate how the Senvion portfolio meets the range of wind conditions in Portugal. This agreement marks a significant contribution to the drive to reach the country’s 2020 European clean energy targets.


Senvion’s production facilities, located in the central region of Portugal, will deliver the components, highlighting Senvion’s commitment to local content. By delivering components for export as well as the local market, Senvion continues to develop its key industrial plants and support the value chain within Portugal. Since 2004, Senvion has invested over 100 million euros in production plants in Portugal. Today, Senvion employs over 1,200 people, demonstrating how the wind sector supports employment opportunities for the country.

Source: Senvion

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Schneider Electric now offers one of the most comprehensive weather intelligence solutions in the market focused on the Wind Farm Operations and Maintenance segment

Schneider Electric recently announced the launch of Hub Height Wind forecasting capabilities within their WeatherSentryOnline platform. This feature helps identify potential risks of high wind speeds and wind gusts at turbine hub heights, and the impact they may have on assets. As a result, wind farms can do better maintenance scheduling and control maintenance costs, which can typically run into several thousand dollars per day.

Schneider Electric’s superior Hub Height Wind forecasting capabilities provide wind speeds, wind gusts and wind direction forecasts seven days in advance at different heights of turbines. Turbine-specific forecasts can be generated for any worldwide wind farm location.


Knowledge of forecasted wind activity will aid wind farm operators in scheduling proper times for maintenance—specifically, when high winds don’t pose a safety risk for maintenance equipment and personnel.

Improved operations planning saves money, avoiding costs such as crane rental fees, which have to be rented in advance. More efficient planning will help operators maximize output from the farm, as well as improve crew safety. High wind speeds can make maintenance work extremely dangerous, posing a threat to the safety of the maintenance crew. If the winds are forecasted to be high, the operator can modify the maintenance schedule for a clear period based on these forecasts.

Source: Schneider Electric