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ABB is partnering with Enel Green Power to deliver innovative predictive maintenance solutions that will lower maintenance costs and transform the performance, reliability and energy efficiency of its hydropower plants throughout Italy.


The three-year contract will enable 33 of Enel Green Power’s hydroelectric plants, comprised of about 100 units, to move from hours-based maintenance to predictive and condition-based maintenance, leveraging the ABB Ability™ Asset Performance Management solution. With operations in five continents, the Enel Group’s renewable business line, Enel Green Power, is a global leader in the green energy sector, with a managed capacity of more than 43 GW.

Collaborating closely since early 2018, the two companies have jointly developed and tested predictive maintenance and advanced solutions (PresAGHO) via a pilot on five Enel plants in Italy and Spain, including Presenzano, a 1,000 MW plant near Naples.

The new contract includes digital software solutions and services that will provide analysis of over 190,000 signals and the deployment of about 800 digital asset models, aimed at improving plant operational performance, reducing unplanned failures and enabling more efficient planned maintenance practices through predictive maintenance. The integration is expected to yield savings in fleet maintenance costs and increase plant productivity.

Representatives from ABB and Enel Green Power presented their progress to date at the HydroPower Plant Digitalization Forum in Vienna in June 2019.

Source: ABB

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Ingeteam is expanding internationally by opening two new subsidiaries in Morocco and Peru. With this expansion, the company has secured its position as a global leader in the provision of operation and maintenance services to energy generation plants with a global presence in 22 countries. Both subsidiaries are focussed on the renewable energies sector and have currently been awarded PV contracts, however there are also plans to increase their presence in both countries in the wind power sector.

In Morocco, Ingeteam employs a staff of 15 to perform operation and maintenance tasks at three PV plants with installed capacities of 71.5 MWp, 84.5 MWp and 19.5 MWp. Last year, Ingeteam also supplied PV inverters to these plants, which are among the largest in North Africa. The power produced is delivered to the power distribution grid of this North African country, serving to cover the energy demand of thousands of homes in Morocco. This makes it possible to slightly reduce the country’s heavy reliance on foreign energy sources, given the fact that Morocco imports 90% of all the energy it consumes. The implementation of this project comes within the framework of the target set by Morocco, to produce 52% of all its energy from renewable energy sources by year 2030.

On the other hand, Ingeteam has already supplied more than 700 MW in PV inverters and is responsible for the operation and maintenance services for 230 MW in a total of five South African PV plants. Furthermore, Ingeteam was recently awarded the supply and commissioning of the protection, control and measurement systems for three sub-stations in Malaui.

In Peru, the Lima subsidiary is providing operation and maintenance services in the PV sector at two solar plants in the region of Arequipa in southern Peru. These solar parks were constructed in 2012 and both have an installed power of 22 MW, generating sufficient electricity to supply a community of up to 80,000 inhabitants.

One plant is the Repartición solar park, which is the first PV plant in South America to generate electricity from solar energy. The second plant is located in the district of Majes, with more than 56,000 solar panels installed and covering an area of 100 hectares.

Furthermore, in 2014 Ingeteam supplied its power stations to a 20 MW PV plant located close to the municipality of Moquegua in the province of Mariscal Nieto.

With the opening of this subsidiary, Ingeteam expects to strengthen its prominent position in the Latin American market as a supplier of power converters and provider of operation and maintenance services for renewable energy generation plants.

Source: Ingeteam

FuturENERGY Dec. 18 - Jan. 2019

Historically, O&M in the PV sector was seen as the little brother of wind power, where the requirements and types of companies varied widely among themselves. However, due to the maturity of the sector, the need to optimise procedures, the typology of the owners and in general, the increase in the size of PV plants (plants of almost 500 MW are currently being built), the O&M of PV plants is being exposed to the changes that have provided the wind power sector with a degree of professionalism and specialisation…By Íñigo Vázquez, Iñigo Vázquez, Chairman of AEMER, the Spanish Association of
Renewable Energy Maintenance Companies.

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Ingeteam is participating in the first bottom-fixed foundation offshore wind turbine prototype to be installed in Spain and the first of its kind in southern Europe. At the request of Estyco, the project leader, the Ingeteam business unit specializing in energy plant operation and maintenance, through its High Voltage department, was responsible for the supervision and analysis of the electrical work on the wind turbine. Specifically, Ingeteam worked on the connection of the medium voltage submarine cable for the transmission to land of the energy to be generated by the wind turbine and also on the manufacture of an exclusive part to secure the power cable. The prototype was partly funded by the European Union 2020 Horizon program.

Headed by the company Esteyco, within the framework of the Elican project, the 5 MW offshore wind turbine, built in the Port of Arinaga, is now moored off the coast of Jinamar, together with the Ocean Platform of the Canary Islands (Plocan). The energy produced will be transmitted to the Jinámar power station. This is groundbreaking technology for offshore renewables, permitting cost savings and making it possible to take its construction almost anywhere.

This project is yet another step forward in the positioning of the company in the offshore sector, complementing the activity underway in another European project in which Ingeteam is taking part as an expert in electrical systems and as a supplier of a converter for a 10 MW+ offshore prototype, also funded by the European Union. Furthermore, Ingeteam has just introduced a new range of 5 to 15 MW offshore converters, in order to achieve the cost reduction milestones demanded by the offshore wind power sector.

Source: Ingeteam

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Exhibiting at booth A4.313, Ingeteam will showcase its power converters, turbine controllers, Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS), Smart SCADA Management Systems, along with O&M services for onshore and offshore wind farms. Ingeteam will present its latest advances in predictive maintenance through its Ingeboards data analysis platform. Also, its new optimal medium voltage converter for offshore wind turbines up to 15 MW and the associated research will be presented.

This year, Ingeteam has surpassed the 40 GW converter delivery milestone after enjoying a spectacular growth in its core markets. The company is now firmly established as the world’s number one supplier of wind power converters and have strengthened its international position in the O&M sector. On a global level, Ingeteam’s O&M services has doubled its maintained power compared to 2016, a figure which places its global portfolio at 12.1 GW.

Ingeteam offers low and medium voltage power converters up to 15 MW for onshore and offshore applications, optimized for DFIG and FC topologies. Power converters specifically designed to fulfill the strictest grid codes and air cooled, air/water cooled and full water cooled solutions for harsh environments, achieving industry-leading efficiency and reliability.

Indar provides in house technological excellence backed by a strong R&D department. Its scope comprises asynchronous and synchronous wind generators in different topologies (DFIG, IG and PMG) with output ranging from 1 MW to 9 MW and voltages from 690 V to 15 kV. Overall, Indar wind generators are recognized for their high efficiency and robustness, having obtained the recognition of the OEMs, utilities and the approval from certification bodies. As for standards, Indar generators are compliant with UL standards amongst others. Indar´s track record reaches 25 GW of installed wind generators to date.

The Ingeteam Wind O&M Division mantains more than 12 GW worldwide. The company is a pioneer in the development and maintenance of monitoring technologies, operation and analysis of wind farms and has more than 20 years of experience in this field. During the event, Ingeteam will present its latest advances in predictive maintenance through its Ingeboards data analysis platformand will also exhibit its Ingesys CMS tool for the monitoring of vibrations, supervision and status diagnostics of wind turbines.

Source: Ingeteam

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After one year from ROMEO’s kick off meeting, consortium partners have met the 5th and 6th of June in Copenhagen to celebrate their General Assembly. The main objective of this internal meeting is to perform a follow up of the project and define the next steps in order to achieve the success. All consortium partners have had the chance to show the project progress and coordinate the next steps.

The meeting has been hosted by Ramboll, in Copenhagen, marking a milestone in the development of ROMEO. This project is awarded by the European Commission with a Horizon2020 Programme grant of €10 million and a total budget of approximately €16 million running for 5 years.

The General Assembly meeting is a useful opportunity to develop constructive discussions about the different areas, and, to move forward towards the final objective of the project: reduce the cost of offshore wind energy and boost the renewables industry.

ROMEO project aims to reduce the operation and maintenance costs of offshore wind farms through the use of advanced monitoring strategies and tools, as well as to analyse the performance of the wind farm turbines in real time.

To reach this achievement ROMEO develops a cloud-based platform which will accommodate models for diagnosing and predicting faults in WT components. This platform will promote better understanding of the performance of the main wind turbine components in operation, aiming to extend their lifetime and to reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Project requirements defined as a solid roadmap

During the first year of ROMEO, project requirements have been defined as a solid roadmap to ensure that is developed under a methodical approach towards a condition monitoring strategy for relevant critical components.

Additionally, a common framework for structuring the project and the designations to be used has been established. This is particularly important for the three windfarm pilot scenarios in terms of turbine and structure components.

As one of the first steps of ROMEO project, FMECA workshops were organized. The objective of the Failure Mode Effect Analysis Workshops was to define components/failures to be analysed in the project, both for the wind turbine and the substructure. The failure modes that apply for predictive maintenance were identified according to their criticality. The output of this set of workshops laid the basis for validation of the technical work packages included in the project.

Backbone of O&M Information Management Platform starts to be developed

Other key milestone that will allow set the solid structure of the project is the O&M information management system already configured. The platform will be able to suit processing and interrogation of all incoming data streams, from a variety of sources from both, human and machine interfaces.
At the same time, ROMEO has started the development of physical models for a running design and specification of support structure monitoring problem for wind warms is already done.
During the KoM, the partners also discussed the progress of the three pilot tests that will be developed in the framework of ROMEO and will allow to test and verify the data analytic and O&M tools. Last December Iberdrola successfully connected Wikinger (Germany) wind farm, one of the three multi-scale offshore pilots. Some innovations of the project will be also tested at Teeside and East Anglia ONE (both in the UK) wind farms. To that end, the definition of architecture for data acquisition and analytics ecosystem has been almost finished for the 3 pilots during the first 12 months of the project.

The meeting has been also a good chance to present the latest advances of the dissemination and communication strategy of the project focused on reaching the stakeholders and the general public, building a solid ROMEO knowledge.

Finally, steps towards the definition of the exploitation strategy of the project have been defined. Partners are working on the definition of their results, products and services expected to hit the market.

About ROMEO project

The consortium of the project, made up of European companies and entities covering the entire value chain of the sector, is working on the development of an analytical and management platform enabling the decision-making process to be improved and facilitating the development of current Operation and Maintenance (O&M) strategies based on corrective measures to innovative strategies in real time, and on the degradation of the components of the main wind farm structures.

Through their participation in relevant events and conferences, is expected that ROMEO partners will reach all the main stakeholders of the sector. On this way the ROMEO project will contribute to improve the wind Energy sector, as one of the most innovative in the world and the best set down at the forefront of the European industry.

The ROMEO project, due for completion in 2022, consists of a consortium made up of 12 entities from 6 EU member states and one associated country. In addition to IBERDROLA (project Coordinator), the consortium include EDF, ADWEN, Siemens Gamesa, RAMBOLL, IBM Research Zurich, INDRA, BACHMANN, LAULAGUN Bearings, UPTIME Engineering, ZABALA Innovation Consulting and Cranfield University.

Source: ZABALA Innovation Consulting

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Ingeteam has recently signed a number of contracts for the supply of PV plants to Mexico, a country in which the company has a considerable market share in the wind and solar power sectors, and in the provision of operation and maintenance services for power generation plants.

The company, which has been present in this country since 1998, is to supply 555MW of solar PV inverters, mostly directed at large solar plants, although part of the supply is for commercial plants based on string inverters.

Most of the supply corresponds to the Skid series for Ingeteam’s Inverter Station, comprising a metal platform or skid holding all the low and medium voltage devices required (LV/MV transformer, MV cells, LV switchgear and auxiliary services transformer), in addition to the central inverters pertaining to the INGECON SUN PowerMax B series. This equipment has a total output power of 551MW and is to be supplied to four photovoltaic plants located in the states of Baja California, Durango, Sonora and San Luis Poltosí. The supply comprises a total of 343 central photovoltaic inverters, all with the very latest 1500Vdc technology.

One of these three projects represents the first PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) in Mexico between a private generator and the end user.

Moreover, Ingeteam has recently commissioned two solar plants with a total output power of more than 60MW in the state of Chihuahua. These plants have also been equipped with the Inverter Station solution with 1500Vdc photovoltaic inverters.

These new contracts serve to strengthen Ingeteam’s position in Mexico, where it is the leading company in the supply of power converters (with 2.5GW for wind and solar PV plants). It is also the leading provider of operation and maintenance services with 2.5GW of maintained renewable power, which means that the company is responsible for the maintenance of 49% of the total installed power in Mexico.
This leadership has been consolidated in the last year thanks to several important operation and maintenance contracts, like the one for the 35.5 MWp Camargo PV plant, located in the state of Chihuahua. Thanks to these contracts, Ingeteam maintains 55% of the total solar power installed in the country.

Furthermore, Ingeteam was recently awarded a supply contract for Latin America’s largest PV plant. Thanks to this contract, Villanueva solar park’s electric substations have been equipped with a highly advanced automation system, thanks to which Ingeteam has reached the figure of more than 2,000 MW of substations for renewable energy plants digitalized in Mexico. Thus, Ingeteam consolidates itself as a benchmark for grid digitalization in a double manner: first, through digital electronics in PC&M systems for substations automation; and second thanks to its reactive energy compensation systems (Statcom) for grid code compliance in renewable and industrial installations.

Several offices in the country

In Mexico, Ingeteam has several offices dedicated to different activities. In the country’s capital city –Mexico City- and in Juchitán de Zaragoza –Oaxaca-, two Ingeteam offices are dedicated to wind and solar O&M works, PV inverter commercialization, development of substations for renewable energy plants and distribution of equipment and execution of projects for the protection and automation of the electric grid.

Moreover, the Company develops an important social role in the regions where it is present. For example, Ingeteam implements some renewable energy diffusion projects in the region of the Tehuantepec isthmus, in order to spread the knowledge about renewable energies among the communities, contributing to a deeper understanding of these relatively new technologies.

Exhibiting at MIREC WEEK

Ingeteam will be present once again at Mexico’s main clean energy trade show: MIREC WEEK. Mexico City’s World Trade Center will host this event that will take place from the 21st to the 24th of May. The visitors will be able to have a more in-depth understanding of Ingeteam’s main solutions for the solar PV and energy storage sectors, as well as for its O&M services for energy generation power plants.

Source: Ingeteam

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Ingeteam has announced that it has been awarded a substantial contract by leading Mexican renewable energy developer Zuma Energía to provide a state-of-the-art control center for its operational wind farm in Oaxaca, PE Ingenio. The platform will collect all the relevant information on the infrastructure of the wind farms in real time, enabling the operator to effectively manage and optimize the operation and maintenance of its wind turbines.

The control center will be the cornerstone of Zuma’s asset performance management. It will allow them to gather and analyze a vast array of essential operating data, not only on the wind turbines and substations, but also on the electricity market and the variations of meteorological conditions. The control systems collect the continuous stream of information that each wind turbine generates every second. All key condition parameters, such as temperatures, vibrations, operating conditions and alarms are monitored and stored in “Big Data” databases optimized to work with large volumes of data in real time in a scalable way. The Control Center will be located in the offices of Zuma Energía in Mexico City.

Over 1 GW of installed wind power in Mexico is currently being managed through the Ingeteam control center platform. With its maintenance equipment covering almost half of the country’s total installed wind power capacity, Ingeteam has positioned itself as an undisputed leader in O&M services in this market. The Spanish company has more than 400 technicians servicing customers throughout the country. Together with Zuma, they aim to continue advancing the industry’s optimization of wind farms through innovative techniques, with the clear ambition of becoming benchmark companies not only in Mexico, but also in the rest of the world.

Source: Ingeteam

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Ingeteam has won a new operation and maintenance contract for two wind farms in the United Kingdom. This is a key contract for Ingeteam, making it the company to hold the world record for maintained power. With contracts totaling more than 12 GW of maintained power throughout the world, Ingeteam has strengthened its position as the leading ISP (Independent Service Provider) of operation and maintenance services at energy generation plants.

This new contract with Iberdrola is to provide wind power operation and maintenance services for 200 MW at the Scottish wind farms of Harestanes and Mark Hill. As this is the first contract of this nature in Scotland, the company will open an office in the city of Glasgow for the supervision and coordination of the entire project.

Ingeteam has been working in O&M since 1999 and is present in 22 countries across all 5 continents
The company has been present in the United Kingdom since 2016, when it furthered its international expansion by starting up a subsidiary in the country with contracts in the PV and wind power sectors. Particular mention should be made of the supply of voltage converters for three wind farms, Black Law, Hare Hill and Glen App, and substation automation solutions for Scottish Power Energy Networks.

Source: Ingeteam

Ingeteam has been awarded the O&M contract for a new rooftop PV plant in Mexico. The 35.5 MW plant is situated in the state of Chihuahua, in the northwest of the country on the border with New Mexico, in the city of Camargo. As a result of this new project, the solar capacity maintained by the company in
Mexico rises to 140 MW, equivalent to maintaining 55% of the country’s total installed capacity.

A leader in the Mexican wind sector, Ingeteam has now consolidated its positioning in the rest of the country’s renewables sectors thanks to this new PV contract and to the award of the services contract for two hydroelectric plants in the state of Jalisco.


To date, Ingeteam Service’s commitment to its clients used to start when the machine came on line, by undertaking its integrated maintenance and supporting the management and operation of the wind farm throughout its service life. Since 2016, Ingeteam has expanded its portfolio of services to include turbine assembly. Ingeteam was recently awarded the contract to assemble 20 wind turbines for the La Bufa and Puerto Peñasco wind farms in the regions of Zacatecas and Sonora. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2017

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