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Iberdrola Ingeniería and Oceantec held a demonstration on the results of the UHINDAR project, a flagship R&D initiative to create a generation system for harnessing energy from waves.
The presentation on this €8.5 million project included a comprehensive demonstration on the functioning of the new wave converter, which is based on an oscillating water column system and was exposed to waves of varying intensities.
The tests were performed on a 1:20 scale prototype, which is due to be tested off the Basque coast in the summer of 2015, at the BIMEP (Bilbao Marine Energy Platform) facilities. The entire development is geared towards the creation of new systems for offshore wave power farms.
The demonstration took place this morning at the facilities of the El Pardo Hydrodynamic Experimentation Canal (CEHIPAR) in Madrid. This centre of research seconded to the Spanish Ministry of Defence is one of the best equipped in Europe for simulating renewable infrastructure in extreme offshore conditions.

The event was attended by the Director of Innovation in IBERDROLA INGENIERÍA, Luis Malumbres; the Managing Director of OCEANTEC, José Luis Aguiriano; the Director of Technology at OCEANTEC, Martin Ojanguren, and the Director of the CEHIPAR centre, Emilio Fajardo.
The UHINDAR project is headed by IBERDROLA INGENIERÍA, with the participation of Basque firms Oceantec Energías Marinas, Ingeteam Power Technology, Itsaskorda, Jema Energy, Obeki Electric Machines, Vicinay Cadenas and Corporacion Zigor.
The initiative is partially funded by the Etorgai grant scheme launched by the Basque Country Government, via the SPRI Group (a company seconded to the Basque Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism) to promote integrated industrial research projects.
Etorgai is enabling industrial projects in strategic sectors and boosting collaboration between the public and private sectors on research, technological development and innovation. The ultimate goal is to exert a pull effect on the economy of the Basque Country, by promoting the participation of SMEs and access to the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme for R&D.
IBERDROLA INGENIERÍA is one of the most international companies in its sector, with operations in about thirty countries. The main activity of this subsidiary is the completion of turnkey projects, for other companies in the Group and for third parties, in the areas of generation, nuclear energy, networks and renewable energies. This subsidiary of IBERDROLA has already performed other tests at the CEHIPAR centre as part of various other research projects in which it is involved, such as Ocean Lider and Flottek.
OCEANTEC is a company that is entirely focused on creating its own proprietary technology for the purpose of harnessing wave power. It is now engaged in its second development, which is based on the concept of an oscillating water column for use in offshore applications. Oceantec was set up in the year 2006 as a spin-off based on a technological concept developed in Tecnalia. It was incorporated in 2008 with the support of the Perseo investment fund. In the year 2012 it was acknowledged as the most innovative project in the field of new technologies by the Cinco Días newspaper.

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Iberdrola Ingeniería, in partnership with the Swedish company CorPower Ocean specializing in wave energy converters and the Portuguese marine research centre WavEc, has embarked on the development of the R&D project HiWave, focused on high efficiency wave power.
This international initiative aims to demonstrate wave power harnessing using a new type of compact device with advanced control technology and subsequently design an offshore farm based on this technology.
Within the framework of this ambitious project, CorPower will be responsible for designing the device, Iberdrola Ingeniería will be in charge of developing the offshore farm, and WavEc will provide analysis and validation support during the various stages.
Expected to be completed in 2016, HiWave has a budget of €15 million and it is one of the most important initiatives of its kind in the field of marine energy.
This project is partly funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) through one of its knowledge and innovation communities (KIC InnoEnergy).
The initiative shows the Group’s firm commitment to the promotion of R&D. Iberdrola Ingeniería is currently working on projects in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, nuclear fusion, gaseous pollutant capture and smart grids.
Moreover, the Iberdrola Group is a pioneer in marine energy harnessing initiatives. The core of its business in this sector is offshore wind power, where it is already carrying out projects totalling over 8,000 megawatts (MW).
Iberdrola is also promoting projects based on other marine technologies: wave and tidal energy. As regards wave energy, the Company is building a plant using the Pelamis P2 technology. Pelamis P2 is a snakelike infrastructure capable of absorbing wave energy and turning it into electricity through a series of hydraulic cylinders.
As for tidal energy, it is partnering with the Austrian company Andritz Hydro Hammerfest and the French corporation Alstom in a project totalling up to 10 MW in the Sound of Islay, in Scotland, which will include devices similar to an onshore wind turbine, but using ocean currents instead of the effect of the wind.
These two plants are being developed at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) on the island of Orkney, in the north of Scotland.