Telecommunications with renewable energies

Enair in its international expansion strategy sends more than 30 wind turbines for power telecommunication systems to Chile

Telecommunication antennas are becoming more frequent and necessary in the current era,  the growing market, focused on increasing space coverage and increasing to 4G technology or even more advanced ones.

The growth is such that the companies with the traditional electricity network do not reach all the necessary places for the location of the antennas, which are usually on top of mountain or high places to expand their range of action.


More and more mobile phone companies are choosing renewable energy installations and turn complete their image of Corporate Social Responsibility by spreading that they are renewable. But the main interest of these is undoubtedly the cost savings of these types of facilities, which have a payback period of 2 years.

Enair is currently involved in several international projects specifically in Chile where in December it has supplied more than 30 small power wind turbines of 3 and 5 kW. Apart from supplying this equipment’s, it participates in the design and sizing of each point and at the same time it is working on the development of  Micro networks, Smart Grid for several islands of the country.

The execution and supply of materials is usually carried out through public or private competitions where an analysis of the available technologies in the market in terms of mini-Eolic is usually carried out and awarded on the basis of technological development, given that the Enair wind turbines are approved in the country and have demonstrated their performance in advance, they become the first options. Specifically, the new PRO models thanks to their new features make it possible to reduce the amortization times and have the possibility to be installed manually without the need of cranes or heavy machinery.

Source: Enair