The added value of integrated renewables suppliers

FuturENERGY April-May 2020

Clients are increasingly placing value on access to integrated suppliers who become partners on the projects they undertake and as such, can perform them in their entirety, from beginning to end. This is a vital concept as it provides a project with flexibility, efficacy and efficiency. It is also a challenge that GES, a supplier of engineering, construction and maintenance for the renewable energy sector, took on some time back, and which the company has consolidated and converted into its competitive advantage.

The latest example of an integrated project implemented by the company is the 231 MW Valdejalón wind farm complex in Aragón, where GES has not only constructed the 5 plants (as responsible for both the detailed engineering and the complete BOP), but also installed the 54 wind turbines from GE Renewable Energy, as well as managing one of the project cranes. But this is not the only example in which the company has undertaken the construction and installation work for a project. GES executed the BOP and installation for the 200 MW Cohauila wind farm in Mexico, owned by EDPR, with 95 turbines, each with an output of 2.1 MW. The company performed the civil engineering works, foundations, substations and the medium- and high-voltage lines. Gamesa was responsible for the installation works.