The Autonomous Community of Madrid commits to sustainable mobility

    The commitment of the Autonomous Community of Madrid (CAM) to sustainable mobility forms part of the Strategy for Air Quality and Climate Change 2013-2020, Azul+ Programme, designed by the Executive to reduce the region’s pollutant and greenhouse gases emissions. The Azul+ Programme contains 19 specific measures referring to the transport sector, representing 33% of its activities, 18 of which are linked to improving the efficiency and sustainability of mobility.

    Transport is the sector of activity that consumes the most energy, representing 50.8% of all final energy consumed in the CAM. It is furthermore responsible for 81% of the emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx), 66% of particles emissions and 44% of greenhouse gases (CO2e) emitted into the region’s atmosphere.

    This is why the commitment of the Regional Government is clear and aims to involve all citizens in achieving sustainable mobility, by launching activities to incentivise the modal change in everyday journeys towards less pollutant and more efficient forms of transport and, at the same time, promoting the use of low emissions vehicles, such as EVs, hybrid or gas-powered vehicles

    Mariano González Sáez
    Directorate General of Environmental Assessment of the Autonomous Community of Madrid

    Article published in: FuturENERGY April 2015