Back to the future

FuturENERGY July-September 2021

El sector del biogás se cita de nuevo en Valladolid

The biogas sector will come together once again at the 1st Renewable Gas Fair in Valladolid. The feeling of enthusiasm is very similar to those Expobioenergía exhibitions in the first decade of the century, which brought together a large number of companies and projects and where AEBIG was born. Let us hope that this time the political and regulatory framework will be different, and that agro-industrial biogas will be allowed to achieve its long-awaited development.

It is a pleasure to pen an article for the bioenergy special issue to mark Expobiomasa and the 1st Renewable Gas Fair. It represents a return to our roots and the enthusiasm that was almost lost some time ago.

How could we fail to remember those first events and exhibitions in 2006, 2007 and the following years, when agro-industrial biogas seemed to be on the point of definitive consolidation in Spain, following in the footsteps of other European countries. Royal Decree 661/2007, of 25 May, regulating electricity production under the special regime established incentives for electricity generation, which,

although limited in quantity, was the best legislation that Spain had had to date. It was the springboard for the birth and growth of a biogas industry.