The challenges facing the electric vehicle in Spain

    The arrival of new technologies always brings with it new regulations. Was data protection a talking point prior to the advent of the Internet? Did anyone ever discuss CO2 before the massive use of the combustion engine? The electric vehicle is now a hot topic. However, a large part of the population is unaware of the challenges that have to be overcome to adopt a sustainable transport model. Correct compliance with regulations as regards installations plus a consensus on standardised connectors are now the challenges facing widespread deployment of the electric car.

    There is no doubt that shifting from the combustion engine to electrical power is beneficial for society as a whole. But a large segment of the population is unaware of the new regulatory framework to be taken into account that has to accompany the entire EV charging installation. On more than one occasion I have heard stories such as: “I was one of the first EV users and at the time there were no public charging points unlike these days as they can be found in car parks and shopping centres. So once in order to get the car home, I had to plug it in to the charge point of the fridge in a service station shop”.

    I do not know whether that user should be congratulated for having been one of the first people to support the electric car or rather explain to them that that type of practice goes against all safety standards. What is clear is that there is a currently a change in the air, both with the Public Administration, with its subsidies for the installation of charging points and in the mindset of society. Read more…

    Carles Monsó
    Director of INKOO Engineering, S.L.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY April 2016