The dynamic façade. An added value in hotels

The hotel sector is constantly evolving to comply with new demands and new challenges. Its buildings have to be able to express the innovation of an exclusive offer and provide increasingly customised services, with concepts that add value while respecting environmental legislation and managing costs.

Whether this concerns an international hotel chain, a small boutique hotel or a multipurpose holiday resort, every single building has to offer its guests a new service concept.

  • Thermal and visual comfort combined with safeguarding privacy, actively contribute to the well-being of the guest.
  • Different settings that allow guests enjoy the comfort they seek at all times.
  • Guaranteed prestige through added-value features.
  • Highly energy efficient buildings reduce the need for air conditioning and heating, which translates into less consumption in terms of energy and natural resources, improving the building’s energy rating as an added value.

The result is a rapid return on investment arising from energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY June 2017