The electric bus, range is a matter of perspective

FuturENERGY Dec. 19 - Jan. 2020

How far can an electric bus travel before it needs to recharge its batteries? The question comes naturally when thinking about electric cars, especially as the essence of having a car is the freedom to go anywhere, at any time. A bus, however, does not go anywhere at any time: it goes to a specific place, along a specific route and at a specific time, and repeats that day-in and day-out according to a published schedule, so that range anxiety need not be an issue for electric buses. The real question, therefore, is not how far it can go but how fast can it recharge before going there again. This article looks at why flash recharging reduces the overall cost of operating an electric bus line and explains the core elements of a solution… By Frank Muehlon. ABB E-Mobility Infrastructure Solutions. Fuente | Source: ABB Review 4/09.