The electric vehicle and renewables: symbiosis between the electricity system and the environment

    We can hardly say that they are thundering up behind us because precisely one of the features of the electric vehicle is that its engine makes no noise at all. They are, however, gaining ground as regards meeting the needs our cities have for transportation and care of the environment. Everyone always talks about the defects of the electric car with its acquisition cost and limited range, but there is barely a mention of its many virtues, including its environmental benefits.

    Powered by electricity, the cost per kilometre for these vehicles that are already on the road is infinitely lower, setting aside the obvious ongoing limitation of their range. As the cost of the required kWh is clearly lower than the amount of equivalent fuel fossil to travel the same distance, there is no doubt that this advantage will eventually win the day.

    Once this benefit is well-known and assimilated, it will effectively become a determining factor for the expansion of electric vehicles (EVs). As would be expected, other aspects will have to be developed such as charging points, organised to look like and offer the same as today’s petrol stations but with one major difference: nobody can have a petrol pump at home due to the danger it represents, but everyone should be able to have an electricity charging point in their house, in the garage, at the supermarket, at work, etc. This of course is provided local, regional or state legislation does not prevent such development. We believe that this is something that not only should happen but should even be encouraged by every public administration.

    Jorge González Cortés
    Commercial & Marketing Manager, Gesternova

    Article published in: FuturENERGY April 2015