The electric vehicle. towards an on-demand industry?

We are progressing towards a new era in which technology is radically and exponentially changing the way people and goods are transported. Citizens not only have more options to choose from when travelling from A to B, but also, our journeys are increasingly linked to smart and digital solutions. Today more than ever, it is likely that the automotive sector will see as much change or more over the next five years as it has done in the last five decades.

This trend demonstrates a (R)evolution that is not just evident in the form of new drive technologies from an industrial perspective, such as the electric vehicle, but also from a technological standpoint, with strategies geared towards the connected, shared and autonomous vehicle.

As regards industry, chain production (or mass production) was a clear representation of progress during the industrial age of the 20th Century. The model of the mass assembly line for the utility-scale production of cars created a revolution in the sector, bringing down costs to make them more affordable to the middle class of the age, that a few years’ earlier would not have been able to acquire ownership of a vehicle. Read more…

Arturo Pérez de Lucia
Managing Director of AEDIVE

Article published in: FuturENERGY April 2018