The european wind service business

O&M contract types and evaluation of the ideal service model for onshore wind assets O&M

The European wind power market is diverse and characterised by a wide variety of players, ownership and service structures. The expectations and approaches with regard to the quality of onshore wind services vary appreciably from country to country. Deutsche Windtechnik now looks after more than 2,700 wind turbines in 5 countries and is preparing for further growth. The markets differ not only in their remuneration structures and political circumstances but also, above all, in the structure of their operators, service companies and customers’ requirements.

One key fact that influences the service structure and eventually the potential performance of the wind asset is its size. While smaller wind farms or projects, even those comprising one single wind turbine, have to be managed on a regional level with technicians taking care of several wind farms, large wind assets require permanent technicians that are dedicated to the individual project. These on site dedicated technicians, as well as on site spare parts storage (typically in owners’ substation facilities) lead to less travel time, fewer scheduling hurdles and a greater level of identification by the personnel to the wind turbine.

As regards the scope of the contract, full maintenance is an unbroken trend in Germany. Depending on the operator’s wishes, with or without major components, including or excluding the rotor blades, the contract can be flexibly designed. Usually institutional investors or smaller operators are the ones who prefer an all-round service. Read more…

Melf Lorenzen
Country Manager Spain, Deutsche Windtechnik

Article published in: FuturENERGY November 2015