The future of PV technologies. Efficiency, reliability and low cost

Despite the huge success of the latest energy auction in Mexico, the lowest offers achieved a record price of US$36/MWh, including clean energy certificates, the solar industry is looking for solutions that are better than low cost solar collectors, because in many ways, panels have turned into a basic product that is hard to differentiate between the various manufacturers.

First off it is worth asking which technologies dominate the photovoltaic industry landscape. The answer may be risky however there are scientific bases to support it: new solar panels will be more efficient, cheaper and more reliable.


A solar panel is an electronic circuit that contains a series of PN (Positive and Negative) junctions or rather it is a series of diodes connected in series and in parallel as required. With experience in the design and construction of semiconductors, it is possible to confirm that the new solar panels will use better technology, materials and more advanced manufacturing processes, a fact that gives a great deal of confidence that this prediction will be met. Read more…

Rogelio F. Nochebuena Tinoco
COO Environmental Services, Baja California

Article published in: FuturENERGY September 2016