The Mexican solar market. An inside perspective

Enerray established a comprehensive local structure for commercialisation, distribution and technical operations in Mexico in 2014. To help consolidate its market presence, its headquarters in Italy decided to invest US$500,000 in a solar rooftop installation for its offices in Queretaro, representing a first step as an EPC company in Mexico. This has given the company in-house experience of all the factors that can impact on rooftop project development in the region, showcasing its ability to handle local regulations and the licensing process.

Since that first project to date, local conditions have changed considerably. One of the factors affecting the market has been the depreciation of the Mexican peso against the US dollar, which has decreased the amount of national investment inflow. In addition, the implementation of the Energy Reform has brought uncertainty to certain regulatory aspects, slowing market growth. Furthermore, the current electricity tariff also represents a barrier for solar market deployment, particularly in the distributed generation sector. On the positive side, a change of mindset is finally taking place in the Mexican industrial sector, which now recognises solar as a viable option for powering their facilities.


Regarding solar irradiation, Mexico is in a privileged position, offering some of the greatest solar resources in the world. The fact that Germany continues to invest in solar after subsidies have been offset is an indicator of the technology’s potential, which can be even greater in countries such as Mexico. We are confident that the Mexican solar industry will eventually take off, but the speed at which it is adopted will depend on how the market evolves. Read more…

Andrea Bernardi
Mexico Country Manager at Enerray

Article published in: FuturENERGY September 2016