The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism publishes the annual report on Energy in Spain 2014

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR), via the Secretary of State for Energy, has published the Energy in Spain report on its web page – a publication offering a comprehensive analysis of the behaviour of every sector that comprises the national energy mix in 2014.

It includes an introduction describing MINETUR’s scope of activity as regards energy, followed by 11 chapters and an annex covering statistical and methodological information. The first chapter summarises the situation and outlook of the international energy markets, providing a basis for an analysis of energy demand in Spain in 2014, which is described in chapter 2. The next chapters examine the behaviour of the energy sectors in the mix, namely, electrical, nuclear, coal, hydrocarbons and renewables, including energy efficiency and CHP.

There is a whole chapter dedicated to the environmental impact of energy uses, followed by a brief outline of ongoing research areas and projects, development and innovation with the field of energy. The report closes with an overview of the situation of the energy transmission and distribution grids in 2014 accompanied by a list of their most significant developments that are scheduled for implementation over the coming years.

Generally speaking, the energy supply in Spain evolved in 2014 towards a more diversified structure, with a growing participation by renewable energy sources and natural gas. The efficiency of the Spanish energy system, measured in terms of energy consumed by euro produced, has continued to along the improving path of recent years, above all as regards the consumption of final energy.

Relevance of the Energy in Spain report

The Secretary of State for Energy has been publishing the annual report on Energy in Spain every year since 1997. It is proof positive of the commitment assumed by the Government towards the Spanish Congress to offer comprehensive and transparent information regarding the evolution of demand and the energy balances, as well as details on compliance with the activities designed to achieve energy planning targets. The information offered is used as a reference source in both political and institutional fields, as well as by industry, academia and every public stakeholder.

The digital format of the report can be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the following link to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism web page.