The PAM SMU PLUS range from Saint-Gobain España offers the best pipework for buildings’ drainage systems

Saint-Gobain PAM España offers an extensive and comprehensive range of cast iron products for different markets. When meeting the needs of drainage systems for buildings, you can rely on a comprehensive range of cast iron pipes, couplings and fittings with special characteristics that give our products the highest level of performance on the market. They are the ideal solution for stand-alone and high occupancy buildings, high-rise construction, etc.

This is the PAM SMU PLUS range for sewerage and drainage applications for the evacuation of greasy, industrial and aggressive waste water (community kitchens, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, industries…), as well as for underground networks for the evacuation of every type of water from buildings and closed underground networks connected to manholes.

The features of the PAM SMU PLUS range are as follows:

  • Excellent soundproofing.
  • Fire resistance (reaction classification A2 S1 d0).
  • Resistance to knocks, impacts, overloads and depressions.
  • Long lifetime with no breakdowns.
  • Product fully recyclable at the end of its useful life.
  • 100% ferrous materials used in their manufacture originating from recycled material.
  • Low thermal dilation coefficient (similar to concrete and steel).
  • Resistance to high temperature and aggressive effluent.

The PAM SMU PLUS range pipes are made from centrifugal die casting. They are coated on the outside with a layer of acrylic anti-corrosive anthracite grey paint, 40 mm thick, and an anti-corrosion metallic zinic aluminium coating of 130 gr/m2. On the inside they are lined with two layers of bi-component epoxy paint, 250 mm thick, meaning they can resist effluent with a pH of between 1 and 13. The seals are achieved by the mechanical compression of the elastomer gasket and metallic grip collar that permit angular deflections of up to 4° without jeopardising its watertight properties. The technique used for coating the SMU-S fittings is cataphoresis, which generates an average thickness of 300 µm.

The SMU® cast iron pipes and fittings for buildings comply with the specifications established under the following standards:

  • UNE EN 877: Cast iron pipes and fittings, their joints and special parts for the evacuation of water from buildings. Established methods for testing and quality assurance.
  • UNE EN 12056: Gravity drainage systems inside buildings.
  • UNE EN ISO 9001: Quality management systems.
  • UNE EN ISO 14001: Environmental management systems.