The Pesquería power plant, a model of efficiency and sustainability in a Mexican combined-cycle plant

The municipality of Pesquería (Nuevo León) in the north of Mexico, has been undergoing fundamental change for years. The arrival of a range of industries, above all steelmaking, has turned it into an area of rapid industrial growth, primarily driven by the Ternium Industrial Centre which is attracting more professionals and technicians from different industries. And one element that is making Pesquería a still more attractive option is about to kick off: the Pesquería Power Plant will come on line in the next weeks, a 900 MW combined-cycle plant that will generate enough energy to supply different industrial factories. The plant incorporates efficient gas turbines from GE, however one of its distinguishing features lies in its water treatment system.

Located in the vicinity of the Ternium Industrial Centre, the Pesquería Power Plant project is one of the drivers behind the development of the municipal district after which it is named and benefits from a roads and services infrastructure essential for industry. Pesquería is in Mexico’s top ten power plants in terms of capacity. As regards its configuration, Pesquería is a combined-cycle power generation plant with three gas turbines and one steam turbine that supply power to the industrial premises of the Grupo Techint in Mexico, as well as to nearby industries, thereby supporting the region’s growth.

Present in Mexico since 1954, Grupo Techint comprises TenarisTamsa, Ternium, Techint Ingeniería y Construcción, Tecpetrol, Tenova and Exiros, leading companies at global and regional level in the steelmaking, energy, construction and technology sectors. Some of these companies have taken part in the development of this project, including Tecpetrol, TenarisTamsa and Techint Ingenería y Construcción, the latter being responsible for its construction. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY October 2016