The president of Colombia opens the regasification terminal of Cartagena de Indias

The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, inaugurated the first regasification terminal in Cartagena de Indias, executed by Sacyr Industrial, along with the president of Sacyr, Manuel Manrique. With an investment of $150 million, this terminal will help boost Colombian competitiveness and the development of the Caribbean coastal region.

The Sacyr Industrial contract, awarded by Sociedad Portuaria el Callao, which is partially formed by Colombiana Promigas, and the management companies of the Barranquilla and Candelaria power plants, will include the construction and commissioning of a liquefied natural gas import terminal with the capacity to handle 400 million cubic feet of liquefied gas per day, which, after being regasified, will be transported to Colombia’s national compressed gas distribution system, with a thermoelectric generation capacity of 2000 MW, equal to one fourth of Colombian consumption. The installation includes the LNG import terminal and the gas pipeline that will carry the imported gas from the bay of Cartagena de Indias to Colombia’s National System for Natural Gas distribution.


This regasification terminal, which meets sustainable development and environmental protection criteria, will provide a greater supply of natural gas, thus improving the reliability of the national electricity supply. Via a 10 kilometer pipeline, the imported gas will reach the National Distribution System at Mamonal; the liquefied gas is then received, stored and regasified in the floating vessel for subsequent shipment to thermoelectric agents.

This project, the first of its kind in Colombia, reinforces the strength of the Colombian Energy System and allows guaranteeing operational continuity at the five generation plants along the Colombian coast in order to satisfy the new energy demands of the area.

Source: Sacyr