The president of Peru inaugarates Solarpack’s solar plant in Moquega

Solarpack has inaugurated its third photovoltaic project in Peru, Moquegua FV, of 19 MWp. The inauguration ceremony was attended by The President of the Republic of Peru, Ollanta Humala, and the Minister of Energy and Mines, Rosa María Ortiz Rios, the maximum authorities of the Regional Moquegua Government and representatives of the Provincial Municipality of the District. The CEO of the Solarpack Group, Pablo Burgos, and Iñigo Malo de Molina, Company Manager of the Andean Region also assisted along with the rest of directors and Solarpack guests.

The plant is located in the Mariscal Nieto province and it generates an estimated annual energy of more than 49 GWh that is supplied to the Peruvian Interconnected National System (SEIN). The plant is in operation since the beginning of 2015, it supplies the energy demand of more than 30 thousand homes and avoids the emission of 30,983 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere.

With this project, which has supposed an investment of 43 million dollars, the company reaches 62 MWp of clean energy power installed in the country.

A stable regulatory framework and the reduced risk of this technology where determining factors for Solarpack to establish this new renewable energy project. To this must add that the Moquegua region, one of the areas with the most solar radiation on the planet, is ideal for the development of photovoltaic solar technology.

Moquegua FV is Solarpack’s third plant participation in Peru. The company also counts with participation in the Tacna Solar plant (located in the Tacna region), of 22 MWp and in operation since 2012 and in the Panamericana Solar plant (also in the Mariscal Nieto region), of 21 MWp and inaugurated in 2013.