The resurgence of biomass-fired power generation in Spain

FuturENERGY March-April 2020

The uneven development of heat and power generation with biomass in Spain is the result of enormous limitations imposed by successive Spanish governments. This situation could be about to change for the better. The future of the biomass-fired electricity sector looks more promising now, thanks to the recently-published Order TED/171/2020, of February 24, which updates the remuneration parameters for facilities that generate electrical power with renewable energy.

The legislation includes some of the most significant demands of our sector, such as an increase in the limit on production hours with remuneration for operation, and the setting of reasonable profitability over a longer term. I believe this to be an indication that the Ministry for Technological Transition and Demographic Challenge, which has assumed the competences of the former Ministry of Energy, has finally began to value the transversality of the benefits of energy recovery from biomass, beyond the energy benefits alone.

By Javier Díaz, President of Spanish Biomass Energy Association (AVEBIOM