The Sacyr Foundation and the city council of Malaga work together to promote a sustainable city

The Chairman of Sacyr and the Sacyr Foundation, Manuel Manrique, and the Mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, have signed an agreement of collaboration for the design of a sustainable urban and administration model, based on new technologies, to consolidate Málaga as a reference and model city within the context of Smart Cities.

The main lines of work to be undertaken within the scope of the agreement are as follows:

• Projects to improve the management of urban cleaning and waste collection services.
• Projects for the treatment and energy assessment of waste.
• Projects for the preservation, maintenance and restoration of urban heritage.
• Projects for management scorecard and the monitoring of services.
• Projects for the sustainable construction and energy of municipal buildings.
• Development of technological improvements for the control of urban mobility.
• Projects for sustainable urban vehicular actions.
• Research for the development of new treatments to improve water quality.
• Development of new technologies to improve the urban environment.
• Research and development of energy efficient lighting systems.

This agreement falls within the context of the Sacyr Foundation’s commitment to promote collaboration and the sponsoring of research, development and innovation projects to provide value to those communities in which the group conducts its activities; all part of its Master Corporate Social Responsibility Plan.

The City’s objective with this agreement is the pursuit of actions for the promotion, implementation, development and participation in activities that may contribute toward the economic, technological and social development of the city of Málaga and its environs. To this regard, it participates in innovative projects within the context of the smart city, such as the current Málaga Smart City project.

One of the goals of this project is to make it possible to experience new city models based on the modernization of public services. Furthermore and via Promalaga, the City Council manages the Public Demonstration Center of Information Technologies and Communications for Innovation in Smart Cities, Ubiquitous Technologies and Digital Content, which it wishes to turn into a meeting point between ICT innovation and the needs of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (PYMES, in its Spanish acronym).