The SF7 bifacial solar tracker from Soltec achieves a bifacial gain of 16.2%

Soltec, leading manufacturer and supplier of single-axis solar trackers, has released part three of its white paper that sets out the results obtained from September 2018 to June 2019 at its Bifacial Tracker Evaluation Center (BiTEC) in Livermore, California.

BiTEC studied the bifacial gain of PV modules deployed in the two most widely-used solar tracker configurations in the market today: one-in-portrait (1P) and two-in portrait (2P). The results obtained confirm that Soltec’s SF7 bifacial tracker in 2P configuration achieves a bifacial gain 2.1% higher than trackers in 1P configuration.

The white paper also shows that bifacial modules mounted on SF7 solar trackers provide 16.2% more bifacial gain under high albedo conditions (around 58%) and 10.1% under medium albedo conditions (29%).

BiTEC analysed and evaluated different parameters over a period of nine months, enabling it to achieve maximum performance in any PV installation, as well as improving tracker design. The factors evaluated included ground conditions, tracker height, the distance between trackers and module temperature.

Soltec has now released the third part of its White Paper with the results of the last nine months obtained by BiTEC. In this report, BiTEC placed particular emphasis on the importance of albedo to achieve more satisfactory results in energy production, as well as the different ways of measuring it and the instruments required to measure PV plants. As a result, the analysis was able to demonstrate which soils are better for achieving the optimal performance of such installations.

Under seasonal albedo conditions (when the soil is left to lie fallow over each season), the measurements show that the albedo remains stable at around 19% until the rainy season in California, in late November 2018. From then on, grass growth reduced this value to 17.2%. Once the grass was cut in March, the seasonal albedo value increased again, reaching a value of 19.6%. All this data resulted in an overall seasonal albedo of 18.9% over the nine-month measurement period.

Bifacial technology is revolutionising the PV market and involves changes in the design and behaviour of the bifacial trackers. The full analysis of these factors can be seen in part three of Soltec’s White Paper.