The SF7 bifacial tracker from Soltec achieves a bifacial gain of up to 15.7%

Soltec currently ranks among the world’s largest manufacturers of solar PV tracking equipment and has a track record of over 8 GW in projects worldwide. This positions Soltec as the third company at global level as regards solar trackers, according to the PV market study from Wood Mackenzie.

Based in Molina de Segura (Murcia), Soltec has some twenty offices all over the world and projects on the five continents. Since its foundation in 2004, Soltec has been growing and multiplying both its manufacturing figures and its revenue. In 2017, company was listed on the Financial Times FT1000, ranking first among solar companies and fourth among all 31 energy companies including in this listing.

The speed of Soltec’s growth is largely due to the company’s commitment to innovation and the quality of its products. The Spanish company has been increasing its sales year on year to position itself as one of the companies with the largest market share in the PV sector. Soltec is currently the leading manufacturer of solar trackers in Latin American countries such as Brazil, as indicated by the Wood Mackenzie PV market study. To date, Soltec has supplied more than 270,000 such units around the world.

The continuous upgrading of its manufacturing processes forms a vital part of Soltec’s corporate philosophy, whose products are used on a daily basis. For this, the company benefits from a large team of experts and specialists in R&D which analyses and evaluates the results of each one of the solar tracker’s components.

To help undertake this exhaustive study, in 2018 Soltec inaugurated its Bifacial Tracker Evaluation Center (BiTEC), based in Livermore (California, US). The aim of this centre is to investigate all the variables that impact on the performance of bifacial equipment and ways to improve output to achieve a greater return on investment. This centre researches aspects such as: assembly height, the clarity and characteristics of the ground, module temperature and other features that affect energy generation and optimise performance in bifacial structures.

Soltec has just released its annual study on all these variables, including analyses and assessments for the period September 2018 – September 2019. This document is the fourth in a series of White Papers that have been published throughout the year containing the different assessments and results analysed at BiTEC. Based on these analyses, conclusions are reached that the SF7 bifacial tracker from Soltec generates between 7.3% more bifacial gain for albedos of 19.9% and 15.7% for albedos of 55.6%. In addition, the SF7 bifacial tracker in a 2-vertical configuration can generate 2.1% more power than trackers in a 1-vertical arrangement under the same conditions.

These annual assessments and studies also conclude that, in addition to an increased output, the bifacial technology developed by Soltec has resulted in changes to the design and the behaviour of bifacial trackers.