The value of digitisation

FuturENERGY July-September 2020

The future is digital in almost every sector, as well as in the field of compressor and blower technology. Data-based services open up new opportunities for operators of process and compressed air packages across all industries, to efficiently design processes in order to save resources and energy. Aerzen is committed to the digital transformation and with AERprogress can now offer its clients customised digital services for its Delta series equipment.

From the operator’s standpoint, the change to networked compressor and blower packages is attractive in several respects. First, the extensive recording and evaluation energy-related process data enables the efficient control of a combination of assemblies, which can significantly reduce both energy costs and CO2 emissions. Second, operators benefit from greater process security, transparency and reliability. By recording all the relevant operational data, information is provided on the processes involved in the compression process. This information can be used to implement modern and data-supported service and maintenance concepts. The advantage: condition-based service and maintenance of the systems reduces the number of incidents and minimises downtime.

The new company division, Aerzen Digital Systems, highlights the transformation of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik from a renowned manufacturer of assemblies into a digital systems integrator. As a leading technology developer, Aerzen focuses on the data-based consideration of the entire life cycle of its machines. Consequently, the service offer of the new digital unit is focused on the overall optimisation of the entire process chain.