The world powers trumpet their achievement as wind power development continues unbridled

In 2014 the top 3 countries by installed wind power capacity were China, the USA and Germany, ranked first to third in that order with cumulative installed capacities of 114,763 MW, 65,879 MW and 40,468 MW respectively. The three wind power employers’ associations of each country have already published preliminary data on installed capacity in 2015, revealing that China has maintained its leadership in terms of both added and cumulative capacity with an additional 30.5 GW over the year. The USA closed 2015 with almost 8.6 GW installed over the course of the year. Germany, with separate figures published for onshore and offshore wind power, has closed with a total of 5.8 GW of newly installed wind power of which 3.5 GW corresponds to onshore and 2.3 GW to offshore.

China continues to be the world’s largest wind power market in terms of both new and cumulative installed capacity. The country achieved a new installed wind power capacity of 30.5 GW in 2015, representing a significant growth of 31.5% on 2014 with 23.3 GW installed, according to statistics released by the Chinese Wind Energy Association. This increase was mainly due to a policy lowering the country’s feed-in tariff for wind power in 2016.

The country’s wind power market is dominated by domestic players, with 23 Chinese wind power companies accounting for a combined market share of 97%. For the fifth year running, Goldwind Science & Technology was the leading operator by installed capacity with over 7 GW, followed by Envision Energy, Mingyang Wind Power, United Power and CSIC (Chongqing) Haizhuang Windpower Equipment. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2016