The year that marked an upturn for CSP with recognition of its value

FuturENERGY Dec. 18 - Jan. 2019

Central Ilanga -1 de 100 MW con 5 horas de almacenamiento en Upington, Sudáfrica. Cortesía de Emvelo y Cobra | 100 MW Ilanga I CSP plant with 5 hours of storage in Upington, South Africa. Courtesy of Emvelo and Cobra

2018 has been a particularly important year for the CSP sector for several significant reasons. Firstly, this is the year that will see the largest new annual capacity to be commissioned in the entire history of the sector, 1,100 MW (see graph) and the best news is that this new capacity has not been installed in one or two countries, as has occurred in the past, but in countries with a high CSP potential across Africa, the MENA region and Asia…By Luis Crespo, Chairman of Protermosolar and of ESTELA.