Thermal imaging for the construction sector, a valuable energy efficiency tool

A thermal imaging camera is a reliable instrument, capable of remotely analysing and visualising the temperature distribution of entire surfaces quickly and precisely. Thermal images pinpoint energy losses with no need for destructive testing. The construction sector was one of the first to discover how thermal imaging can provide valuable information that is practically impossible to capture with any other tool. From an exotic technology, thermal imaging cameras have evolved to become a tool widely used by building inspectors worldwide. FLIR Systems has always been a pioneer in thermal imaging, commercialising the most advanced in thermal imaging cameras.

The construction sector accounts for 40% of the European Union’s energy consumption (year 2011) and offers the single largest potential for energy efficiency. Due to this huge potential, the European Commission has issued a Directive to regulate the energy performance of buildings, on which many national laws have already been based.


Thousands of European businesses are already affected, while Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
have become mandatory in many EU countries for new and refurbished buildings. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2017